Wireless Service Management

O ur wireless cost management solution is compromised of a verified process consisting of a methodical approach to review cost savings.  We review all pool, rate plans and features of every device to ensure that you are receiving the lowest possible wireless invoice monthly with the greatest benefits to your company and its users.

Why wireless management is better

With many moving parts on an invoice, often triggered by manual entries, it is not uncommon to have errors due to inaccurate discounts, missing credits, as well as duplicate or incorrect charges appearing monthly.  Without the benefit of a telecom audit that spots these errors, it can be very challenging for an organization.

AGMN billing management solutions will catch, understand, validate, and resolve billing issues, helping companies avoid the pitfalls of not only overpaying but wasting time looking for these errors.  We provide the assurance that you are paying only for contracted fees and charges.

To enhance this offering we can even look to procure your wireless service with the carrier of your choosing as an extension of your organization.

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