What is a Managed Network?


anaged network services are networking applications, functions and services that enterprises outsource to be remotely operated, monitored and maintained by a managed service provider (MSP). Managed network services range from basic network access and transport services like traditional leased WAN and LAN lines to newer software-defined WAN(SD-WAN) connections and virtual network services.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits include: Dedicated Fibre (fast ethernet, metro ethernet, ethernet over fibre) and Dedicated Fixed-Wireless. The type of DIA circuit your company needs, depends on the circuit types available at your address and the bandwidth your company requires.

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Complete service for DIA(Dedicated Internet Access) circuits.



The Wide Area Network is transforming from fixed branch locations to an increasingly fluid and flexible network Edge — the Elastic Edge. Driven by profound trends like cloud, mobile, LTE, and IoT adoption and Internet usage, the new WAN Edge must be more scalable, secure, reliable, automated, and agile — and it must be constantly expanding, contracting, adapting, moving, and evolving as business needs dictate.

Private Cloud

Private cloud refers to a model of cloud computing where IT services are provisioned over private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use of a single organization. A private cloud is usually managed via internal resources.

The terms private cloud and virtual private cloud (VPC) are often used interchangeably. Technically speaking, a VPC is a private cloud using a third-party cloud provider’s infrastructure, while a private cloud is implemented over internal infrastructure. Private clouds may also be referred to as enterprise clouds.

Assume greater control over your resources, build adaptability into the DNA of your operation and optimize performance. We put the Cloud within easy reach.

Server Co-Location

Co-Location provides security and peace of mind for customers looking for great protection than their office environment can provide.

If you build your in-house server room right, it can be expensive to implement and maintain. If you don’t build it right, you might be putting your business at risk and if you ever need to grow your server room, it can be expensive.

AGMN Co-Location provides a highly secure and scalable protection for your mission critical applications, with uptime guaranteed by our Service Level Agreement. Our secure, lockable cabinets are the ideal way to protect your IT assets and focus your technical staff on your core business.

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