Security breaches and cyber attacks


n a time of complex, ever-evolving, and ever increasing cyber attacks, your organization will inevitably experience security uncertainties.  Security breaches and successful attacks can cost organizations hundreds of thousands and hurt their reputation. Organizations can no longer leave themselves vulnerable to this and must obtain a complete up-to-date security solution.

What we offer?

Together with our partners, we offer an end-to-end managed security service that combines a thorough investigation of your infrastructure and its vulnerabilities, a detection platform that collects and displays all security-related information in real-time, and a team of cyber security experts that monitor and respond to threats 24/7.

  • During an intake period, we perform extensive, hands-on research on the security and vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure.  We identify threats and vulnerabilities as well as advise and recommend actions and improvements to the infrastructure.

  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) is a platform that provides real-time analysis of security alerts and improves threat detection and response capabilities.  For optimal minimization of risk, the SIEM software integrates and combines host-based and network-based security event data and log files into one overview by a powerful correlation engine.  It finds weak spots in your infrastructure and detects abnormalities on your network so that threats can be prevented or mitigated.

  • Our Security Operations Center (SOC) consists of a team that monitors networks and systems 24/7 to monitor the security status, vulnerabilities, intrusions, or any strange activity.  When an incident is detected, the team immediately provides actionable advice, which ensures the quickest response times to mitigate threats.

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