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Vaughan, Ontario, January 29 – AGMN Networks Inc. and LTE Gen Inc. today announced they are partnering to advance a number of strategic initiatives designed to develop and deliver a range of IP-based Managed Services to Canadian Small/Medium based businesses, including web development, hosted voice and network security.

The two companies have forged the initiatives in response to a growing trend by businesses to embrace managed services and the productivity benefits of these technologies, while reducing capital and infrastructure management costs. Companies can quickly benefit from the integration of solutions, applications, simpler provisioning and management of telecommunications infrastructure, greater self-service capabilities and multimedia Internet IP-based communications.

Today, AGMN Networks and LTE Gen are committing to providing these solutions, resources and programs needed to address the growing market requirements for IP managed service-based solutions.

“Businesses are looking to drive additional value from their IP networks and AGMNs Outsourced IT approach and with the bundled dedicated network accesses from LTE Gen can help optimize their capital investment while reducing risk and capital cost”, said Toni Tino, President, AGMN Networks Inc.

“SMB Businesses are finding it challenging to stay on top of increasingly complex infrastructure management.  Continuing our relationship with AGMN Networks will only strengthen our position of delivering secure and dynamic SDWAN solutions supported by a great IT focused team”, said Edward Onate, CIO, LTE Gen Inc.

About AGMN Networks Inc.

AGMN Networks Inc is a Managed IT Services company, providing the SMB market solutions with comprehensive IT networking needs, remote desktop support, website development. AGMN also offers integrated information and communications technology (ICT) services.  Please visit www.agmn.ca.

About LTE Gen Inc.

LTE Gen Inc. is an aggregator of wide area networking connectivity serving the Canadian SMB market.  We deliver value by continuing investments in Voice over IP, Hosted PBX, high-speed and dedicated Internet.

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Toni Tino, President, AGMN Networks Inc., Toni.tino@agmn.ca 1.844.302.2466