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For example, switching between a call on a desk phone to a call on a mobile can be done effortlessly. Real-time video allows meetings with clients and colleagues across continents,instant messaging can be connected to other forms of communication and, if you wish, you can have your company’s number show up on caller ID instead of your cell phone number.

It is estimated that mobile data traffic will be five times higher in 2024 than it is in 2019, and 25% of that traffic will use 5G networks. Whether that’s accurate or not remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure: 5G will change the way we communicate.
With this in mind, it makes a great deal of sense to switch to a communications system whose only requirement to function is an internet connection.

5G isn’t the only developing technology that will transform our communications in the future. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is also going to play a significant part. And when you choose a VoIP system for your communication, you choose a system that can be fully integrated with cloud-based AI.